5 Costs You Need to Know About When Listing Your House in Harpers Ferry

Real estate agents offer a service that places property at buyers’ fingertips worldwide; however, there are costs associated with a traditional listing that home sellers often overlook. Therefore, it is always wise to take a realistic accounting of your expenses to understand how much you are genuinely profiting. So read on as we explore five costs you need to know about when listing your house in Harpers Ferry.

Holding Costs

If you’re thinking about listing your house in Harpers Ferry, it’s important to be aware of the holding costs associated with keeping your property on the market. These costs can include monthly fees for services and maintenance, as well as any ownership responsibilities you have while your home is listed. Additionally, real estate agents are not able to provide you with a guaranteed closing date. However, working with a direct buyer like MDWVHomebuyer.com gives you the flexibility to select a closing date that works best for you and comes with a guarantee for closing on that date. This can help ease some of the financial burden associated with selling your home.

Professional Service Providers

Another source of expenses you need to know about when listing your house in Harpers Ferry is the list of professionals you will need to hire. Working everyone into your busy schedule can be stressful, from the home inspector and appraiser to readying your house for a professional photographer for high-quality digital marketing media and a licensed drone pilot for 360-degree virtual tours. By making a direct sale to professional investors like those at MDWVHomebuyer.com, you won’t need to worry about any of the expenses of the professionals involved in the transaction.

Professional Staging Expenses

There is also the cost of professional stagers, including renting storage space for your items, including furniture, and then redecorating your home with rental furniture during the listing, at your expense. These professionals can charge costly fees that you need to know about when listing your house in Harpers Ferry. This process has proven to increase the final sales prices of homes. It has become common practice with top agents. Now, if you’d like to skip the listing process entirely, selling directly to a professional investor like those at MDWVHomebuyer.com means you walk straight to the closing table for your cash, usually in a matter of a few weeks.


Real estate commissions run around six percent of the home’s selling price when listing your house in Harpers Ferry and will come off the profits at closing. Broker fees may also be associated with working with agents. However, you won’t pay any commissions if you make a direct sale to a professional investor like those at MDWVHomebuyer.com, and there are no hidden fees in our uncomplicated contracts.


Making repairs is an expense you need to know about when listing your house in Harpers Ferry. Should you choose not to, buyers may request a substantial deduction in your selling price to cover the costs they’ll take on to make the repairs. On the other hand, you can forget about passing the dreaded inspection with a direct sale to a direct buyer like those at MDWVHomebuyer.com because we buy homes as-is.

Ready to learn more about how a direct sale to MDWVHomebuyer.com may be the solution you seek?  Let a direct buyer at MDWVHomebuyer.com compare how much you’d profit from a listing to our offer, which you’ll agree is fair because we’re transparent with our numbers. Talk to a direct buyer at MDWVHomebuyer.com who will help you understand everything you need to know when listing your house in Harpers Ferry without obligation. At MDWVHomebuyer.com, we stop and listen. Contact MDWVHomebuyer.com at 304-758-3119.

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